Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Artist of the Week: Book

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This week’s artist is Jake. He is a good big brother and enjoys doing things like going down a slide with his youngest brother. Jake is hard to photograph, because most of the time he refuses to hold still. Instead I have to sneak up on him and catch him when his attention is elsewhere.

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Yesterday Jake brought home a book; it’s a project his fifth grade class had been working on for quite some time. This is what the cover looks like.

Inside are stories with illustrations made by every member of Jake’s class. I love Jake’s picture, it is a classic example of his work. I had no problem picking it out.

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On the page opposite is the story.

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It is short, which again is in keeping with Jake’s style. I can imagine how excited he was to write and illustrate his story. It was one of the few times that he handed me a form from school and made sure I filled it out and sent the check. Normally I have to dig them out myself from that dark pit known as his back pack.

I think it was a very fun project for his class and it is definitely a keeper.

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