Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Three: Mom

This week is just for mom, as Terry writes:

Mommy Dearest

Time once again to take that thing out of your mouth because you don't know where it's been, come inside and get cleaned up, and get ready for our special Mother's Day Edition of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

As you can tell, since Mother's Day is upon us, we've decided to dedicate this week's set of questions to dear ol' Mom. So sit up straight, at least run a brush through your hair, don't talk to me in that tone of voice, take off your cap at the table, and take a moment to answer the following questions about her by either leaving your answers in the comments below, or a link to your own blog.

1) What three things do you think are (or were) your mom's best characteristics?

2) And although we're trying to honor Mom, we still have to know--what is one thing she does (or used to do) that drives you absolutely insane?

3) If your mom is still in circulation, do you have any plans to do anything special for her this weekend?

There now--quit slouching and get to work on those answers!

Yes sir!

1)I think my mother’s three best characteristics are:

She’s completely unflappable.
She has an excellent sense of humor.
And most of all, she has a strong independent streak.

These three characteristics caused her to be the coolest mom in the area. If my brother and I got stuck somewhere (our ride fell through, or we realized we were in over our heads) we could always call mom. I could drag in all sorts of animals and she would let me keep them in the terrarium for the day. Then there was the time that she and I accidentally went to the wrong movie. We were late and we thought we were in the right theater, but after a few minutes we realized our error. I don’t remember what we wanted to see, but we ended up watching Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie. I think it was remarkable that she didn’t freak out and that we both thought it was a hoot.

2) She doesn’t mean too, but sometimes she can be a bit of a nag. But if you had my brother and me as your children it is completely understandable.

3) I would LOVE to do something with my mom this weekend, but she is a two days drive away and it really is not an option to just zip up there. If I was half a day’s drive or less I would definitely be with her.

My mom totally rocks.

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