Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekly Tadpole Update: Another Six Gone

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.
We released six more tadpoles/frogs today.

Right after we released the last batch of six on Friday, a froglette pulled itself out of the water and onto the turtle dock. On Saturday a few more followed suit over the course of the day.

I considered releasing them Saturday night, but I thought it would be quite a shock to the frogs' system to be dumped outside at dusk in 50 degree weather. Today was a much better choice.

If you look very carefully you can see a few of the frogs. Two are somewhat obvious and the third is a bit trickier to spot. If you click through the picture you can roll the mouse over the image to reveal the frogs.

Meanwhile back in the tank it is becoming obvious to me that we have two different species. There are the cute little ones that are quick to mature and are already being released. And then there are the much larger and slower developing tadpoles that are just starting to grow front legs. The big ones are easily twice the size of the little ones.

I can't wait to see how the big ones turn out.

Update: Another seven, that's right 7, were released Monday afternoon.

Update Part II: Another nine gone, some with a decidedly toady look about them.

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