Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Artist of the Week: Trivet

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After the big ceremony yesterday and the attendant picture taking Jake’s teacher asked if she could borrow Jake just for a moment, she had something to give me. With another child in tow they went off to the classroom. A few minutes later they came back with a present for me, a pretty little impatiens wrapped in blue silver flecked paper with a silver bow and a trivet bearing the signatures of the entire class.

It was a gift that was made for each of the class’s room parents. I guess by making treats and cupcakes a couple of times and volunteering to be in class I ended up becoming a room parent.

It is a very thoughtful and useful gift. I love all of the kids names inscribed on the trivet’s surface, some neatly some not. So this week Jake’s fifth grade class and their teacher are the artists of the week.

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