Monday, June 18, 2007

House Guests and Poop

That pretty much sums up my week.

Saturday my in laws arrived for a weekend visit. Now I would like to make clear right now that my in laws are not at all poop. I love them dearly. I think my mother in law is a terrific lady and her husband is one of the nicest guys around. We all look forward to their visits. The poop in question refers to Max, or rather his lack of.

One of the many side effects of CF is intestinal blockage. Max is not truly blocked, but he is very uncomfortable and full of poo. So we get to hear him periodically howl as the cramps hit him. It is one of the most distressing things to experience as a parent. You want to make them feel better, but there is not much you can do. As a result, we are a bit obsessed about poop this weekend.

The good news is there has been some progress. I hauled him up to the CF center today to get poked prodded and x-ray. As usual it was another multi hour visit with lots of waiting in exam rooms. However I will admit that the radiology department totally rocks. That part never takes longer than 30 minutes. You hand the paperwork in, sit down for 5 minutes, get called back, zap-zap with the x-rays and you're done. And if you are really lucky you get a lollipop and you get to checkout other people's x-rays on the monitors. Today I got to see Max's little torso and a neat series of skull shots. Anyway back to Max, according to the x-ray there is no blockage, his lungs sound fine and his lung function is great. So we decided to keep on double dosing with Miralax and let it work itself out. He seems a bit better tonight and hopefully there will be no more night time howling tomorrow.

And why do I want the howling to end by tomorrow, other than the fact I would like to sleep uninterrupted?

Because on Tuesday our next batch of house guests will be arriving that night.

My husband's brother, his half sister and her Boston Terrier (Ramona? I think that's her name) are staying here until Saturday. I think. They are definitely coming Tuesday, but after that I not sure. However long they do stay really doesn't matter, they are fun people that are easy to be with. It should be a fun week.

At least the house is already clean and I don't have to do much other than laundry.

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