Friday, June 01, 2007

Of Corn and Teeth

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Last Friday we had a special treat, the first corn of the season. I was out grocery shopping when I saw a fresh batch of corn being brought out to the floor. I love fresh corn on the cob, ideally picked that morning. I knew the corn in question had been trucked in from who knows where, but it has been so long and it looked good.

So Max, Rebecca and myself selected six nice looking ears of corn and headed home to shuck them and cook them up for lunch.

Side note: I really don’t understand people shucking their corn right there in the store. Why don’t they wait until they get home? Yes, it is messy, but don’t the kernels get banged up and bruised without the protective husk? Also, doesn’t the husk retain the moisture? I just don’t get it. Anyway back to my story.

I set us under the tree-that-got-vacuumed with a pot for the corn and a couple of bags for the husks.

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max and a big pot of corn
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We had a good time shucking our corn. I did the bulk of the work; in the time it takes for them to get through one ear I can clean three. Max then carried the big pot full of corn back into the house.

Then we had to wait for the corn to cook. Cooking takes a very long time when you are five years old.

Finally it was ready and we could enjoy our first corn of the year. We slathered our ears of corn with butter and set to it. Max and I were happily munching away when Rebecca started to cry. Thinking that she had burned her mouth I asked if her corn was too hot. With her voice choked with sobs she slowly informed no, but it hurts. This was quite puzzling, after going back and forth with a semi-incoherent girl I finally got to the crux to the matter, she had a loose tooth. Every time she bit down it hurt.

Ah-ha! I had a solution. I offered to cut off the corn kernels. This suggestion was initially rejected, but after a bit of cajoling I was able to get her to agree.

That night I carefully brushed around the very loose tooth and sent her off to bed. In fact the tooth was so loose it disappeared between bed time and breakfast. Either she lost it in bed or it got stuck in her breakfast peanut butter and jelly sandwich and was eaten.

We’ll never know, but my little girl is not so little anymore.

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