Monday, March 30, 2009


No,not me. My roots run far too deep in the US to up and move to Israel, but a friend.

Larry has known Alissa from way back and I got to be friends with her as well. We had lost touch when she moved to Canada and only reconnected last spring. We were up north for a Bat Mitzvah, the parents are mutual friends and we were delighted to see Alissa and her (new to us) husband. We had a lovely time and over the course of the party found out that Alissa and her husband were biting the bullet and moving to Israel.

They were going to try and visit us last summer before the big move, but it never happened. Not long ago Larry found her on Facebook and I just discovered that she and her husband have a blog called n: a·li·yah.

It is a delightful site showing the experience of Aliyah for two North American Jews. I loved this post about snow skiing (really, there is snow in Israel!).

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