Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Artist of the Week: Pen and Ink

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This week's artist is Rebecca.

She is pictured here in her "Queen Ester" costume for Purim. That is pretty much her only costume. She loves wearing fancy dresses and what better excuse is there to dress up than being a queen? Even our Rabbi knows that Rebecca will be Queen Ester and she will be dressed to the nines.

The Meglliah reading was over when I got this candid picture. She had discarded her tiara at this point, but she still had her gragger. Noise making trumps beauty for this little girl.

She is in fact my feral princess. An absolute cutie with some of the most appalling manners. She is a work in progress and is improving, but she has a long way to go and especially in the morning. That said she has a very kind and loving heart.

Any way a few weeks ago I took her and Jake to a faculty Jazz recital at VCU. As part of Jake's band class he is required to attend three outside activities ie concerts.

all that jazz
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The students have a fair amount of leeway on what constitutes a legitimate event. It must on a professional level and if a rock concert, the artist has to be interviewed. With VCU practically in our backyard we have a huge selection of free events to chose from. Jake has shown a fondness for Jazz and VCU has an outstanding program so we had no trouble finding something enjoyable. Rebecca tagged along because she loves going out.

The itself concert was great, we all enjoyed the music. Rebecca did get a bit bored and asked of a piece of paper and pen. Curled up in her seat she started to draw in the dim light. She first drew a wonderful still life of instruments from the concert with a few notes to dress things up a bit. Going from left to right she made a drum set complete with two high hat cymbals, a double bass, another set of drums, and some sort of horn (possibly sax) floating above.

The details she provided are amazing. What further astounds me is she drew these during the concert when the house lights were off. She then went on to do some more drawings.

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My favorite one is what I call "the Mouser. "A rather happy looking tabby has a mouse by the tail. There is another creature in the foreground, I think it's a bunny, but don';t hold me to that.

It's a fairly simple line drawing. I love how she drew the pattern of the cat's coat, it really captures the essence of the mackerel tabby pattern. All it needs is the little M on the forehead.

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