Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too Much To Do

Most school days are pretty quiet after the initial chaos of getting everyone out to the bus ends. I walk the dogs, mess about on the computer and, if needed, do a bit of food shopping. We have had a fairly good winter health wise so I haven't had too many days with someone staying home.

Then there are days like yesterday.

In the morning Max had a CF clinic check-up, he has them roughly every three months. It was his big annual appointment- blood draw, x-ray, the whole schmear. As an added bonus Jake also an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon. Both of these were in downtown Richmond.

Then to make it really fun we had a half-day at school (some sort of stupid staff development).

So I had to worry about either getting home in time to meet Rebecca at the bus or make sure Jake (who comes home a hour half earlier) was there to greet her. It got a bit hairy when Jake wasn't picking up the phone and I ended up calling Meryl. But he eventually did pick up when I was able to use my cell (I was at first calling from a hospital line and he did not recognize the caller ID) and all was well.

Then it was a sprint home with a hurried lunch and I then got to haul everyone back up to Richmond. Max had soccer practice at 5:30, so I tossed in cleats, shin guards, a pair of shorts, and a bottle of water. I'm glad I did that, because we were just able to make his practice.

Today was much nicer. All I had to do was go to the library and then I get to swap out some baseball uniforms. Just for fun I had lunch with the dynamic duo at school.

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