Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Artist of the Week: Life Cycles

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This week's artist is the very handsome Max.

Larry took this one and we both really like this picture. You get to see Max's blue eyes and how very handsome he is. It is one of the very few pictures we have of him facing the camera and not mugging. He is all boy here.

He looks good in this shirt. The combination of the red with navy blue sleeves is very becoming to our boy. His eyes, for a change, really pop out. And his hair, oh his hair, actually looks blond. When he is with his good friend Edward, who has very light almost white blond hair, Max's hair looks to be closer to chestnut than blond. It's only when he is with his siblings you can see how light his hair really is. As our pediatrician says, he is the white sheep of the family.

As for this week's art, it is an assignment Max brought home from school sometime last week.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
It is about life cycles and features the chicken and, Max's all time favorite, the sea turtle.

Going in a counter clockwise direction, you see an egg is laid, it hatches, and so on. The chicken goes from a small chick to its juvenile form onto the adult form and then the cycle continues.

The sea turtle life cycle was a sort of bonus from Max. He was only required to create one, but he decided he wanted to make a second one. Like the chicken there is an egg that hatches. From there it moves to a baby turtle moving along the beach to the sea, then young turtle grows to it's adult size where it too continues on.

I love his little illustrations. They are not as realistic as his sister's, instead they posses their own kind of charm. They are clearly recognizable and I was able to understand what the pictures are all about, without any explanation from Max.

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