Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Artist of the Week: Shapes

Nate and pups
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This week's artist is Nate, but not the puppies (although they are very cute).

I like this picture of Nate despite not being able to see most of his face. He wants o have long hair and it invariably flops over his eyes and covers a goodly portion of his face when he is looking down. However you can see his smile and such a sweet smile it is.

Nate loves dogs and puppies even more so. When he is out in the world and on his own I know he'll get a dog as soon as possible. I just can't imagine him not ever having a dog. He is very kind and gentle with the puppies when we go see them. At home I'll often find him stretched out on the floor holding Dell.

He can be such a gentle soul.

Rhombus planes
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But sometimes he just has to be a boy.

He is fascinated by all things military. Most of his games and drawings center around war. So it was no surprise to me when he brought home this particular piece of art a few weeks ago.

The assignment was to create a picture by just using simple shapes. Nate created three fighter jets racing across a cloud filled sky with just rhombuses, hexagons and triangles.

The jets are exclusively made with rhombuses and the result very effectively captures the essence of the jet. I think it a pretty neat piece of art.

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