Sunday, March 15, 2009


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Saturday was Pi day and Sunday was IEATAPETA (International Eat a Tasty Animal for peta day), a very food oriented sort of weekend.

For Pi day I picked up a stack of little pies for the kids and we had home made pizza pies for dinner. I could have made the little desert pies myself, but at less than a buck a pie and be able to have a different pie for each kid, store bought was the way to go.

It's a silly little thing, but I love pi day and letting my inner geek out.

IEATAPETA day was something started by Meryl a few years ago and is best explained by her. I loathe peta and I am very happy to go all carnivorous. For breakfast we had sausages, for lunch a delicious steak salad and we rounded out the day with tofu with hot meat sauce (it was going to be roast chicken, but it was still frozen).

And that was the excitement this cold wet and rainy weekend.

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