Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eleven Years Later

baby Nate
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In eleven years Nate has gone from this sweet little baby to a never ending whirl of motion.

He looks so calm, so quiet and ever so peaceful.

And back then, he was.

He was the easiest baby to care for. I could put him down on a mat and he would happily lay there watching the world. Mind you he wasn't still for long back then, always wriggling about, but in a happy way.

Now, at age eleven, he is so grown up.

He is still a happy boy, always quick to see the humor in almost any situation and heaven knows he is still active.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
He is still very cute, with his bright eyes and ready smile now bound by braces. His face is framed by his curly locks that he only grudgingly allows me to trim.

We'll be celebrating his birthday this weekend playing laser tag with some of his many, many friends. It'll be fun, because it's always fun to be around Nate.

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