Monday, November 30, 2009

On The Go

On the Go
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In addition to the morning dog walk, John and Dell got to go to the vet today.

Which, oddly enough, is a good thing in their minds.

The small inconvenience of shots is far outweighed by the attention they receive. They are just like their father Crunch in that respect. They strain at their leashes in the waiting room to go through the door to the examination rooms. They know that is where the people are and the treats they so freely dole out.

The whole clinic loves our dogs. They don't even flinch when they get their shots and always give kisses afterward. As a result we get the five minute post exam love session from the vet and techs. Most dogs are not nearly as happy as my two and dachshunds, as a breed, are notoriously ill tempered at the vets. So I understand the appeal that John and Dell have with the staff.

And all that loving just reinforces the idea that the vet clinic is a pretty good place to go to.

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