Friday, January 22, 2010


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A tad over a week ago I made the most outrageously delicious cookie.

Nate's class was having a fiesta in lieu of Spanish class. The students were all assigned a Spanish speaking country and were requested to bring in a food commonly associated with the assigned county. Nate got Argentina, which immediately brought to mind beef.

However I decided I would rather bake something and settled on Alfajores, a short bread sandwich filled with dulce de leche. It sounded delicious and easy to make. A win-win situation for me.

bold boil
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I did a bit of research on recipes and picked one featured on Nibbledish. It seemed to be the most straight forward and featured some of the best cooking directions I have ever read. I mean who wouldn't want to try out something that has:
Manjar Blanco -'s Dulce de Leche, I'm just trying to be Mr. Fancy Pants.
Or even better about ingredients:
1 can condensed milk (NOT fat-free - that's for pansies)
But those pale in comparasion to the following directions:
Boil with boldness. I'm not talking about mamby-pamby-simmering - I'm talking cauldron-of-hell-boiling while stirring constantly.
And guess what, the whole thing worked. The cookies came out absolutely divine. Mr. Aaron R. Johnson, my hat is off to you.

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