Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Artist of the Week: With Even More Foxes

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This week's artist is Nate and it features all sorts of déjà vu. To whit the subject matter and the profile picture.

As I mentioned not so long ago, Nate is taking up lacrosse. He is happy to play almost any sport and is always on the look out for something new. Larry has been encouraging him to give it a try and, being the active young man he is, thinks it'll be a better fit than baseball. The main advantage of lacrosse over baseball is that there is far less downtime for the players. We still love baseball, but lacrosse plays to Nate's strengths. Namely his boundless energy and amazing hand eye coordination.

Practice doesn't start for a while, so in the mean time Larry has been teaching him the basics of stick handling in our backyard. Therefore there is quite a bit of lacrosse going in our backyard.Nate is a quick study and is picking the sport up very quickly.

Nate's fox
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As for this week's art, well I mentioned last week the some of the kids were on a fox drawing kick. Nate asked me to find some fox pictures on the internet. He wanted to be sure to get the colors and the markings just right. He spent a fair amount of time on his fox, double checking with the pictures I found for accuracy.

I like the end result. It's a cheerful looking fellow with the classic upright ears and bright coat of a red fox. Nate is justifiably proud of his efforts and pinned it to his wall. Lucky for me the pin fell out and I was able to sneak it away and scan it in.

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