Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chili Dogs

Chili dogs
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Today I cleaned out the so called dog closet. It's underneath the stairs and is home to all manner of things. We store wine, cleaning implements, bulk medications for Max, lunch boxes, dog food, spare leashes, miscellaneous dog supplies (hence the name), and so on.

Unfortunately it had become a catchall and as a result a horrendous mess. In fact it the vacuum cleaner no longer fit within its confines. The final straw today though was the dog records.

I try to maintain a three ring binder for each dog that contains shot records, rabies certificates, registration slips (both AKC and county), pedigrees, etc.. I needed the rabies certificates today and I could not find them in the pit the closet had become. I hauled every blessed thing out and made a huge heaping pile. After an hour I found John's binder, some nifty fabric collars and a whole lotta junk.

But no Dell records.

In the end I had to fetch a new one from the vet. It was not a big deal, but it was annoying. I know it'll turn up in the next couple of days. But on the bright side, I have a far, far neater closet and the dogs have some funky chili pepper collars.

Muy caliente!

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