Friday, January 15, 2010

Best Spam Ever!

Today I present to you the most wonderful spam. And the best part was reading it with my friend Meryl, we both cracked up at the defunct part.

From Frank And Nadsh Konah
Cote D'ivore West Africa
Address No :03 BP Cocody
Abidjan West Africa
Hello Dear One,

This is with a hot heart that I offer you my friendship. All time this contact could seem to you strange, for we dont know each other for the first time and let not us have personal to the paravent of the reports of matters. I ask humbly you to take in consideration this that I and you revle considering This importance and of these immense advantages. My name is Frank Konah, from Sierra Leone. But Residencing here in Cote Divore West Africa .

I have something of very important one thing that I would want you to help me with your permission to entrust you. I inherited of my defunct father the sum of ($9,700 000 ) Deposited in the here by my Late Father Dr Ibrahim Konah USD nine million saven hundred thousand American dollars).

I want to invest this money in your country with a very honest person and especially in an activity sector profitable of your choice.I await you response in order to give you more complete explanations.After the conclusion of this transaction I will offer you 15%of the total sum for your assistance, Waitting of your Communications that we can discuss modalities concerning the transaction. Hoping to hear from you with anticipation. Thank-you and God bless you
My sincere greetings,
Frank And Nadsh Konah
NB: i will like you to come down hear in Abidjan

Sure buddy I would love to help you out and hey, my dad is defunct too!

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