Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Artist of the Week: Puppy

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Rebecca is this week's artist. She is feeling ever so much better now and will absolutely be going back to school tomorrow.

And I say woo-hoo!

Any hoodle, she loves to draw and she did a bit over this weekend. We have a big bin of assorted drawing implements of doom and stacks of paper. All that we ask is that both sides get used and to try not to blow through a whole ream of paper in one go. And for the most part they are pretty good. Max in particular always (and I do mean always) asks before grabbing another sheet of paper. Of course when one child starts drawing at least one other gets the bug.

This time it was Max that started it off with one of his classic fox pictures. Nate and Rebecca decided they needed to make foxes as well.

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This resulted in some lovely fox pictures, but I decided to feature what Rebecca drew next. She made a cute little puppy with a ball. As is the case in our house it has short little dachshund legs. Which is understandable since short little dachshund legs are the norm for our dogs. I love it's expression and how she decided to just suggest the grass and rough out a frame to encircle the picture. That is a new idea for her.

It's not perfectly executed, another new concept for her. She is learning to let it go and just enjoy what she draws and not get so hung up on whether it is absolutely right. I think it adds to the overall charm of the drawing and makes drawing more of an in the moment. Which is a good thing to be able to do.

Sometimes you do need to get everything just right, other times it is nice just to cut loose.

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