Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Artist of the Week: Leaves

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A very happy looking Max is the Artist of the Week.

He's had and interesting week and a half. Last Tuesday we had a snow day due to a wintery mix that swept through our area last week. He had a wonderful time goofing off with his siblings until an hour before dinner when he had a sudden crash. As I was puttering about whist making dinner I found him sound asleep on the couch.

This was not a good sign.

He stopped taking naps a long, long time ago and only falls asleep during the day when his sick. And boy, oh boy was he sick.

He was burning up and I decided it was best just to let him be. He briefly roused himself for a bite to eat, but was soon packed off to bed. The roads were an icy mess and I thought it was best to wait until morning before taking him in to see a doctor. And the next day I hauled his aching miserable self in and found out he had the flu. So much for the flu shot. However, because we acted fast he was eligible for Tamiflu and by the next day he was his bouncy self. If fact he recovered so quickly he was able to go back to school Friday.

Falling Leaves
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Which brings us to this week's art piece.

This picture, along with a few other things, was brought home from school. It was a project done during art class. The background is watercolor and the leaves slowly tumbling down are done in crayon.

I love the softness of the blues and greens. They are a lovely wash of color that contrasts nicely with the crisp orange and red of the leaves. There is an implied motion of the leaves falling by their placement down the page.

I think that it is a lovely piece. It is simply done without a lot of fussy details. The watercolor was put to very good use without dominating the composition.

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