Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diary of a Snow Day

Everybody went to bed Monday night anticipating a possible snow day from the forecasted Wintery Mix of Doom.

At 5:45 a there was no word from the school board (they have an automated phone blast system) and I had to get Jake up and moving if there was school. Jake was not very happy, but he dutifully got up and showered.

5:52 am first phone call of the morning announcing school was delayed 2 hours. I go stand outside the bathroom door and relay this little nugget of information to Jake after he turns off the shower. His reaction- argh. I go back to my nice warm bed.

6:33 am second cal from the school system basically repeating the first message.

7:30 am I decide to head downstairs. To celebrate the two hour delay I make pancakes. There is much celebration.

7:45 am the school board throws in the towel and calls off school. I find out via FaceBook and just barely nab Jake and Larry before they leave to take Jake to school. There is even greater celebration over this piece of news.

8:00 am third phone call of the day, this one formally announcing the closing of the schools. I am getting tired of all these phone calls.

Larry leaves for work, I retreat upstairs with a book. I figured by giving them pancakes and unfettered TV privileges that I've earned a few hours to myself.

The ploy works.

12:05 pm "Mom, where are you? I'm hungry." I heat up the big family size of mac & cheese that I bought yesterday for this eventuality. There is much celebration and I've bought myself a couple more whine free hours.

2:38 pm piano teacher calls to tell us she has decided not to hazard the drive.

2:43 pm the trumpet teacher, however, calls to say he's still coming at 3.

4:00 pm the trumpet teacher is done and after he leaves I head out to pick up Max's albuterol which should have been ready Monday. The roads are fine, just a bit wet. When I come home I predict that there will be a two hour delay Wednesday morning because of the roads freezing over during the night.

8:30 pm, roughly three hours after my prediction the school board announces on FaceBook there will be a 2 hour delay Wednesday morning. There is much celebration.

10:11 pm final (hopefully) phone call from the schools. School is definitely delayed two hours.

I think tomorrow I'll make french toast for breakfast.

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