Friday, January 21, 2011

MCP Project 52: Tracery in Ice

tracery in ice
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This week's assignment was "shades of grey."

I like black and white photography and I was really looking forward to the challenge. The main question was what would I photograph.

On Tuesday I got my answer.

The previous night temperatures had dipped back down to below freezing and created the most beautiful patterns of ice crystals on the glass table outside. I was enraptured by the effect and hurried to get my camera before they were gone. I took about a dozen pictures and had the hardest time winnowing them down to one. Then all I had to do was the merest of tweaks and switched it to black and white. I love the final result.

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Diane said...

Love this. B & W really gives you a chance to see things, the beauty of the structure, without being distracted by the colors. My favorite taken-by-me photo is one that was taken with color film, but looks B & W - now I need to go scan it in...