Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The End is Near

Or, Healed at Last

I took Jake in for the 5 week check up of his fractured foot. The doctor was pleased with Jake's progress. The x-ray showed clear evidence of bone growth around the fracture and Jake has been essentially pain free for the past few weeks.

So now Jake is being weaned off of his stinky Aircast, by next week he'll be back to sneakers and will kick that cast to the curb.

And as for the stinky part, good lord does it reek to high heaven.

The cast has gotten so bad that even Jake complains about the stench of death that emanates from the cast. Mind you he showers daily and has fairly good hygiene, but he's stuck with an unwashable object that he is supposed to wear 23 hours a day.

He'll be stretched out prone on the couch waving his feet in the air and I'll walk by and nearly gag from the stench. In fact Jake voluntarily sprays the interior with Febreeze on a daily bases. Yes, a 14 year old boy is actually using Febreeze. It doesn't kill the odor, but it does knock it back to a far more tolerable level.

We will all be happy when he is done with the cast. Jake wants to burn it, but I told him that would make it smell even worse.

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