Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get Along Little Wormy

I have now officially become a vermiculturist.

It's science fair season and Nate has decided to use worms in his science fair project. To whit: he is testing the effect of worm presence on plant growth.

Which means we had to order some earthworms.

And we got not just any old worms, oh no we are the proud owners of red wigglers, the Cadillac of worms*. Today our Worm Hobby Kit arrived from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm. In the kit there is food, bedding, a nice plastic container, burlap, and 500 red wigglers. That's right 500 worms.

The worms weren't very wiggly at first, they were more like red torpids. But they seem to be reviving from their long and very cold journey. And honestly we could lose over half and still have far more worms than we really need. Nate only needs 30, the rest I'll have to baby along until spring when I can let them loose on the yard.

So now I get to add worm farmer to my Curriculum Vitae.

*Spot the quote

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Janis Gore said...

That's one part of not parenting that I regret. Working along with children, parents wind up doing all sorts of things that they might not take up on their own.

Not that it's always convenient.