Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Artist of the Week: Sheep

Rebecca is this week's featured artist.

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I love her pose here, she was just causally walking along when Larry took this picture. Sadly she's a bit far away and the resulting picture is grainy, but despite its flaws I still like the photo.

She was a very happy camper that day. We were at a friend's house and she got to ride a pony all by herself. I'm planning on taking her back, we just have to wait for the temperature to warm up and the ground to be a little less like concrete. Hopefully sometime in February this unrelenting cold will let up and be a bit more like a normal Virginia winter.

When we do go she'll be ready with her very own (purple) riding helmet. All she needs now is a decent pair riding boots.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
As for her art, Rebecca is ready to go. She got a lovely assortment of pencils, markers, and paints on her birthday from Grandma. She has been putting them to go use and one of her projects is her "Book of Animals."

Rebecca cut some plain sheets of paper to size and stapled them together to make a little booklet. It's roughly 3 1/2 by 5 inches and will ultimately feature a different animal on each page. So far she has filled only six pages., about a quarter of the way in. Rebecca is in no great hurry and adds to the book as the mood strikes her.

So far my favorite picture is this happy and very confident looking sheep. I don't know why it appeals to so much, but it does. I can't wait to see the rest of her animals as she fills in her book.

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