Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Walmart

Hanging out at Walmart by Teckelcar
Hanging out at Walmart, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Yesterday as I was walking into my local Walmart I spotted a couple of people hanging out in the parking lot. They had set up a couple of chairs on one of the grass islands in the parking lot and were, presumably, sitting next to their pick-up truck.

I thought it was odd and called up my friend Meryl once I was inside the store. She agreed it was utterly bizarre. Yes it was a nice day, but really the parking lot? My area does not lack for green space and there is a county park just 2 miles away. Meryl asked me to take a picture and I said I would try my best with my pathetic cell phone if they were still there.

Amazingly enough they there still there and a third person joined them. Now it was getting seriously freaky. I dug out my phone and discretely snapped a few less than stellar shots. After I uploaded the best of the lot I stuck it up on Facebook. Shortly thereafter Meryl declared it was Occupy Walmart.

Who knew my community was on the cutting edge.

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Unknown said...

Starting early for "Black Friday"