Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Artist of the Week: All Star

batter up
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In honor of the end of baseball (well at least for this year) Nate is the Artist of the week.

He had a lot of fun, even though he was (in our opinion at least) underutilized. He is one of those natural athletes that loves to play the game, any game at all.

In baseball he is a decent little hitter (and a very cute one at that) that always, and I do mean always, runs full steam. He'll make it to first when some kids might have let up and been beat out.

got it
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Out on the field he'll do a good job in any position, remaining focused and in the game. He is best utilized in the infield, there his quick reflexes really pay off. During the regular season he was the primary catcher, but could be a pitcher in a pinch.

For the All Star games he was limited mostly to the outfield, but he did get a couple of innings as catcher. That's him there , behind the plate in the lower picture. I'm really pleased with this picture because I got it just after he caught the ball. You can see the ball safely tucked inside the glove, his right hand just where it should be, with a little puff of dust surrounding the glove from the ball's impact. Nate had a great attitude even with the late nights and high temperatures. For that alone he deserves recognition.

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