Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Artist of the Week: Time Line

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Nate is this week's artist. He looks so darn cute in this picture. It's hard to see his eyes underneath the shaggy hair, but if you look carefully you can see their sparkle. Mind you, I cut his hair not so long ago and he hated it- In his opinion his hair was far too short.

Anyway, hair cuts side, we are here for art. Specifically a neat little time line I fished out of the huge pile of papers he dragged home.

Last spring Nate's class did a unit called Galleon. The students were grouped into teams. Each team had a ship that they had to pilot across the Atlantic. Part of the assignment was to make a time line summarizing key events in the voyage.

Galleon Timeline
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
This Nate's time line.

Unfortunately it is a bit small, but if you go here you get a better view of it. I love all the little details in the pictures. It is about a foot and half long, I think Nate did a terrific job in rendering the ships. His teacher liked it as well and the grade ( check plus) reflects that.

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