Friday, July 11, 2008

Cause and Effect

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This doe (and her many, many cohorts) is a major cause of consternation for Dell and John. Mostly it is Dell that gets upset, but John has no love for what I refer to as the tall rats in our backyard.

I took this particular picture yesterday just after lunch. Dell started barking hysterically at the window near our dining table. I swear Dell almost had an stroke from the barking. John, too, got seriously revved up by the deer and his half brother's histrionics. The doe was less than 15 feet away from the window was completely unconcerned by the barking dogs inside the house. I snapped this picture just before letting loose the hounds and filming their reaction.

The millisecond the door opened the doe took off. The red boys never had a chance, but they did have a glorious full tilt run around the bush telling off the local wildlife that this was their backyard.

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