Monday, July 07, 2008

What Kinda of Parent are You?

I think I'm becoming the unexpected Mom according to at least one of my sons' friends.

I asked Nate's friend how his Fourth went. He was a bit surprised that I asked, I guess he's not used to adults asking his opinion. Anyway he replied that it was good, they did some fun things and saw fireworks. My response "it's fun watching things blow up" stunned him. Most Moms would, at least in his experience, never admit such things. But I am the mother of three boys and I'm a bit of a Tom boy and watching stuff go boom is fun. Honestly that why we love Myth Busters so very much. Nate then went off to play at his friends house for the rest of the day.

Around 4:00 Nate came back home along with his friend. They then spent a good 20 minutes messing about on our driveway with their bikes. Which sounds a bit boring unless you know our driveway. It's a gravel drive and over the years it has developed bumps in it. Our ultimate goal is to pave the whole mess, but for now we have a bumpy driveway. Nate has discovered that he can jump the bumps with his bike. The boys had a terrific time going back and forth over the bumps. I even shot a little video of Nate in action.

I think his friend was a bit surprised that I allowed, almost encouraged borderline dangerous behavior. However, in my defense, the jumps really weren't that big and they were both wearing helmets. When it was finely time for Nate's friend to go I asked him if he liked our driveway. He thought it was pretty cool.

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