Monday, July 28, 2008

So Close

This is John Fratelli of The Fratellis performing an acoustic version "Whistle for the Choir." I love both this recording and the studio version. I think it speaks very well of a band if they can put out equally good versions of a song in and out of the studio. I first heard the Fratellis on Letterman a few months ago. Since then I have become a bit of a fan.

From what I've heard and read they put on terrific concerts. Happily they will be touring the US this year and will be in the Mid-Atlantic region this fall, but... not in Richmond. The most frustrating aspect of their tour schedule is they will be in North Carolina on October 1st (a Wednesday) and up in DC on October 2nd. The band will literally drive through my area. There is no hope of them picking up anything around here unless they extend their tour.

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