Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Artist of the Week: A Gift

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This week's artist is little Miss. Rebecca.

She just constantly amazes us with her pictures. The girl is one person art show. Recycle day is always tough, because it's hard to decide which ones to keep and which ones to let go. She also loves to share her art. Every now and then will have a little flurry of drawings that need to be sent out to her grandparents and friends. And sometimes she'll draw something to give to us.

Last week Max was at one of his many regular doctor appointments. It was just Max, Rebecca and I. The older two were off with their father. Max went off with his doctor and Rebecca and I retired to the family waiting area/playroom. At first she hauled out some of the toys hidden in the room, but then she settled down with crayons and paper.

And this is what she created.

under the sea
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It is a wonderful undersea scape drawn just for Max. Unfortunately the picture is a bit on the pale side, I tried to bring it out as much as possible. The two main creatures are a sea turtle (Max's favorite animal) and a manatee. There are also a multitude of fish, a crab on the sea floor and a wonderful eel. I was very impressed, as were her brothers. In fact Jake declared it far better than anything he could make (well except for buildings and maps- which he does excel at).

She is quite a little artist.

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