Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Busy

We are in the heart of summer break and it is a very busy time for us. Baseball has finally and absolutely draw to a close, but we still have our morning tennis lessons (or let's give the moms a child free hour to go grocery shopping). Then there are the afternoon classes at the MathScience Innovation Center, the same place Jake went for LEGO Robotics.

Last week Nate took a course called computer math games. He got introduced to a nifty piece of software that enables you to create your own computer game. Nate being who he is designed the most ambitious and complex game. In fact he was unable to finish it the time the class ended. We're going to get the software and have him finish his game and create new ones.

This week Jake is learning all about architecture. He is having a grand time and has already had a chance to display his sense of humor. On the first day he designed a floor plan that had a funny little space. He was asked about it and replied "that's where the rats live." That's my boy, very bright and very quirky.

And all these activities mean we are a very busy family. I don't begrudge the afternoon classes, but next year I'll push for the boys to do them during the same week. All this driving around is very grueling and not cheap.

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