Sunday, July 27, 2008

You Gotta Watch Out for the Gazpacho

Nate has a computer game that he loves to play. It's basically a world War II shoot 'em up and Jake usually watches (with just a bit if kibitzing) while Nate plays.

Today Nate was playing along, I was in the kitchen and Jake was watching his brother. After a bit Jake came over and started talking about the gazpacho and how dangerous it was. He went on for a while saying gazpacho this and gazpacho that when I finally had to stop him. Laughing, I told him that he wasn't quite getting the pronunciation right.

It's ge-sta-po not gaz-pa-cho.

I went on to tell him that he was talking about a cold vegetable soup, not the nazi Germany secret police. He found his mistake just as hilarious as I did. When I told Larry later he too was amused and his only comment was that he didn't like either.

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