Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Artist of the Week: At the Beach

Rebecca Raccoon
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This week's artist is a raccoon, specifically Rebecca the Raccoon.

She looks so unbelievably cute in that costume, her bright little smile peeking out and lighting up the dark Halloween night. I really didn't expect her to wear it this year. Sadly, I think it will be the last year she'll be able to cram herself inside.

Anyway, this is about her art and not her costume.

A few weeks ago Meryl had dropped off a large amount of paper she didn't need anymore. I didn't immediately tell the kids about our windfall, because we still had a fair amount of scrap paper in the house.

Crabby Beach
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
But the cat is out of the bag now and we have a whole slew of new artworks floating about the house.

Rebecca drew this beach scene yesterday. It features a crab family at the beach. I love the little details like the beach umbrellas and the beach towel. However what really impresses me are the little crabs in the background. She gave them an umbrella and did an excellent job on perspective. She already grasps the fact that distant objects appear smaller than the same item in the foreground.

She constantly amazes me.

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