Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Official

I'm crazy.

I volunteered to make a cake for Nate's team for the end of the season party. That in itself is not crazy. With thirty kids on the roster it would be a big cake, but I can do it.

No the crazy starts when the team mom came back later and wanted to know if I could make more cakes. More as in enough for all four teams for the school (the school's athletic assoc. fields four teams, flag, minor, junior and senior) at the end of season banquet. I thought it over for a moment and agreed. My one caveat was that I was not going to pay for all the ingredients. The mom kind of wigged out (she's a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff she's got going on for the team) when my husband showed her the list I worked up.

So our game plan was for us to directly solicit help from the other parents. I was just about to do a mass email when I got a call from Jerry, my guardian angel. He is a friend of ours who is one of the junior team's coaches and just happens to be the guy catering the banquet.

Right off the bat he told me the athletic association would pay for the ingredients. All he needed was a shopping list. Then he wanted to be sure that I was really up for the job. He was afraid that I had gotten accidentally roped in and that I was too polite to say no. I assured him that I really could do it and it would be my pleasure. We talked about what I was going to do and what my time line was.

By the end of our conversation he was reassured that it was something I wanted to do, but he told me if I had a change of heart he could always pick up some cakes elsewhere.

But I'm too crazy to do that.

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