Monday, November 03, 2008

Weezie's Kitchen Rocks

This weekend Larry and I decided to give the whole brunch thing during Hebrew school another go after the Can Can mistake.

After brunch last weekend we strolled up and down Cary Street checking out the sights, as we drew closer to the car the delightful aroma of hash browns filled the air. We knew it couldn't be from the place we just dined at, so we looked around for the source of the potato goodness. And right across the street we found Weezie's Kitchen.

We didn't go in, but decided to keep it in mind for a future brunch.

Yesterday we pulled up in front and gave Weezie's a try. It is a tiny, tiny little place that has a bright, cheerful and very clean interior. They had a party coming in so we couldn't get a table for a bit, so instead we opted for the bar/counter.

The menu at Weezie's is not huge, but it does offer a good range. I went for the biscuits with sausage gravey and Larry got the chicken fried steak (which I seriously considered). Both dishes were excellent and came with some mighty tasty home fries.

We happily clered our plates and declared Weeezie's the place to go and far better than the fancy-pants place across the street.

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