Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted

election '08
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For doughnuts!

I did my civic duty today and schlepped out in the rain to cast my vote.

The actual vote casting was a breeze. I had at most a thirty second wait for the gentleman in front of me to get his ballot before I could get mine and step up to the carrel. Then I walked across the room, fed my ballot into the scantron and got to see the counter roll over to 1273. I was in at 9:35 am and out by 9:40 am.

doughnut line
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Then we were off to get Jake, Nate and Rebecca FluMisted (Max will get the shot later, FluMist is not reccommended for CF patents).As a treat we stopped at Meryl's for lunch and then went on up to Krispy Kreme to claim my free voter doughnut.

Interestingly it was a bigger hassle to get the doughnut than to actually vote. The parking lot was jammed and the line was long, but I was not to be denied my doughnut reward.

Of course I had to pick up a dozen for my not yet voting brood.

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