Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Artist of the Week: Pumpkins

Jake pinata
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This week's artist is the very silly Jake.

That's the head of the pinata from Max and Rebecca's birthday party. It was dangling for the shelter we suspend it from for the actual pinata bashing. I thought it looked funny and started taking pictures. Jake came over and promptly stuck it on his head, thus inspiring everyone else to try it as well.

Anyway this post is not about how silly Jake can be, but about carving pumpkins.

Every year I get a boat load of pumpkins. I wait until the last minute to buy them, just when the stores start cutting the price. I save money and then I don't have to worry about marauding creatures (deer, dogs, squirrels and heaven knows what else) eating the pumpkins before the big day.

Jake happy lit
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Normally I do all the carving. The kids either draw their desired design on the pumpkin or request something like a bat, spider or even a sea turtle. This year I let Jake carve his own without my direct supervision. All I did was hollow it out and hand him a knife. He had three pumpkins to carve.

He did a great job on two of the pumpkins. One (the lit one pictured here) had a rather happy expression and looked wonderful at nightfall with a candle inside burning brightly. The second one was also terrific all lit up, but during the daylight hours you get a bit more detail.

Jake deliberately carved the pumpkin on it's dirty side. He thought it would look far more interesting than if he used the "pretty" side.

Jake uncomfortable
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And he was right.

I've always been a big fan of lumpy bumpy pumpkins and I'm so pleased that Jake has picked up on the joys of the off kilter carving. His pumpkin is far better for being carved on the dirty side.

As for his third, well he was tired of carving and requested that I make a wolf. If you click on the pumpkin pictures you can reach the two sets, lit and unlit, of all the pumpkins we carved this year.

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