Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kathy Klimkiewicz

Today I just found out that one of my dachshund friends had passed away.

Kathy and I were not the closest of friends, but I did enjoy her company and I was always happy to take her calls. We were brought together by Dell. She had used him at stud and had kept one of the puppies, a little female called Indigo.

Kathy was very proud of Indigo and rightly so. At a young age Indigo got a Group 1 (AKC has dog breeds categorized into seven groups: hound, herding, sporting, non-sporting, toys, terriers and working. At a dog show after the best of each breed is determined, the winners go back into the ring in their respective groups. The top four dogs are selected with the winner, ie Group 1, going back in for best in show. Hence, a Group 1 is a very big deal.) Indigo had just completed her show championship and had just started in field trials, tracking rabbits, with a first placement. In order for a dog to become a field champion a dachshund must accumulate at least 35 points, with a minimum of three placements including one 1st place. Kathy had high hopes that Indigo would be her first dual champion.

I called my dear friend Dianne when I got the news. I knew she would have the full story and could tell me how I could help. We chatted for a bit and she told me that Indigo needed a home. Indigo's co-ower wasn't interested (she had enough standard smooth females already) and Dianne felt strongly that the dog be field trialed, and I agreed, we both want Kathy's dream to be realized. So a normal pet home was out of the question.

I was tempted, but I can not take on another dog. My hands are too full as is and I wouldn't be able to do the things neccessary for Indigo to earn her dual championship. She is a sweet and happy dog, just like her daddy Dell and her grandsire Crunch. She deserves better than what I can do and Dianne and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen for Indigo and for Kathy.

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