Monday, June 01, 2009

What I learned Today

Today I found out that I'm not so much a babe as a babe magnet.

I'm tooling around in the Contour, windows down, moon roof popped open and tunes playing on the radio (my current station of choice is this one). I'm at a stop light feeling all was right in the world when I heard a little voice say Hi!

I turned to my left and saw the cutest little face pressed up against an open window. She was just barely two and utterly adorable. I said hi back and gave her a big smile. She then said something completely unintelligible, perplexed I turned to her mother.

"She said she liked your car."

"Ah! Well it is fun."

The light changed and both drove off to our respective destinations.

So yeah, I'm a mom and all kids seem to like me.

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