Friday, October 09, 2009

Plague Redux

Nate unhappy
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Poor little Nate.

He immediately bounced back from strep throat and had just finished his antibiotics on Wednesday. Everything seemed to be just ducky.

But his good health was short lived.

He seemed a bit under the weather yesterday, but I put it down to late night homework and football practice. He did seem a bit more easily upset than normal. He was able to go off to school and I really did think much about how he was feeling. There were no obvious signs of distress and he didn't say a single thing. However it was a very sick boy that dragged himself home.

So after dinner we made our way to the local walk-in clinic to get his nose swabbed. We got the same Doctor that Jake had two weeks ago and, as an added bonus, the other Doc was the mother of one of Nate's classmates. I got the full dish on what was going on in school and the flu. It turns out a fair number of kids have it and it is almost a matter of time.

At least we caught it early and it looks like he didn't get it from his brother, but from school.

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