Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Way and That Way

look towards
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It's very entertaining having two dogs, particularly when they are half brothers and best buddies.

They love to wrestle each other under my feet, odd noises emanating from them as they try to flip each other over and suck on each others' ears. Then they are off for, what is to them, a well earned nap.

When they go outside one will wait for the other before going down the short staircase to the lawn. I'll see then stop at the top of the stairs looking back towards the other as though to say "Come on! Lets go!" Of course all bets are off if they spy a squirrel or a deer in the backyard. Then it's a pell-mell race to get to the intruder, barking all the while.

Mind you it's not all sunshine and roses.

look away
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When they race across the lawn it sometimes looks like a roller derby. John will bump Dell's shoulder with his own to slow his brother down. John does not like it when Dell pulls ahead and does his best to head his brother off. I have even seen him barking with his muzzle literally in Dell's ear. Dell couldn't care less and keeps on going, much to John's irritation.

But most of the time you can find them nosing about the lawn together, perfectly content to just be in the now.

Like today. After a week of nasty cold, wet weather we had our second sunny day in a row. It was glorious outside and the boys enjoyed the sunshine while I tried to find something colorful and autumnal to photograph.

The leaves were a bust (which wasn't too big a surprise), but then I looked at the dogs. At first both were looking at me as I got down to take their picture. Then something grabbed their individual attention and I got this fun series of pictures of them looking in opposite directions. Normally they will look in the same direction, but not this time. I'm just glad I caught them in the act.

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