Sunday, October 04, 2009

Two Kids and a Dog in a Box

We have this storage box out on the deck. Inside the deck box we keep all sorts of odds and ends. Cushions for the chairs, an extension cord on a reel, miscellaneous base ball equipment and so on can all be found within he deck box.

The kids love to climb inside and hide. The cushions are on the top layer and make for a cozy little spot. The only rule I have about the box is that you can not trap anybody or anything inside.

Today Rebecca and Nate decided that Dell had to join them in the box. At first Dell was on his back and all you could see were four paws and a snoot. He was very happy to be inside the box and the center of attention. It was so utterly charming I had to get my camera.

Of course my getting up and going inside perturbed Dell and he was no longer paws up when I returned. But, it still made for a very cute picture.

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