Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fast Asleep

fast asleep
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Last Saturday night I was up late as usual, I'm a night owl at heart, listening to the rain pouring down on the house. It was a veritable deluge hammering on the skylights and roof. In fact it was so loud and so sudden I was perplexed at first by all the noise. At one point I got up, I think to turn off a light, when I discovered a little person had sneaked downstairs.

I found Rebecca sound asleep on the couch, I didn't even see her when she came downstairs. She must have been woken up bythe noise from all the rain. I thought she looked so cute there asleep on the couch, I just had to take a picture before I carried her back upstairs.

I was really pushing the limits of the camera's natural light setting, but I did not want to use the flash or turn on any more lights. I improvised a tripod and gave it a go. I'm pretty pleased with the resulting photo. It's fairly grainy, but I think it adds to the feel of the picture.

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