Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Artist of the Week: Lion

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Rebecca is this week's artist, although in reality she always is an artist.

She loves to draw and is often found with a bit of paper and a handful of markers. When she is done she loves to share her latest creation. Sometimes they are presents, either hand delivered or sent off in the mail. The rest are scattered about the house with the very best, according to her criteria are pinned to her bedroom walls.

This winter we had an inordinate amount of snow that resulted in quite a few snow days. Inevitably the storm would start over the weekend and, much to Rebecca's disappointment, school would be closed the following Monday. The disappointment came about because, you see, her classroom's art day is Monday.

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Fortuitously we were able to sing her up for an after school art class. It ran for six weeks, once a week. The class was organized by the school's PTA and was offered along with cooking, cake decorated, sign language, and so on. (Max opted for chess.)

Rebecca's class focused on learning the different types of media available for drawing. This handsome lion was created using crayons. The class also learned about markers, pastels and pencils. Rebecca had a great deal of fun and was glad she got a bit more art into her life.

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