Sunday, March 28, 2010


Max Playing Lacrosse
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This past week Nate and Max has started playing actual games. So far all they have done is go to lacrosse practice and maybe do a bit of scrimmaging.

Wednesday was Nate's big first game and his team won it handily 6 to 2. I didn't get to watch because it started at 7 and was about an hour away from home, but Saturday's game for the U9 team was a different story. It was only 18 minutes away and we had no other commitments.

At first the game play was a bit nonexistent. For many of the players, Max included, this was their very first game. However, as they got to play the game you could see them improve. Max at first spent a fair amount of time just standing at his assigned position. He would move when the ball came close, but not very much. Then he got caught up in the game and really started to play. Max, like all his siblings, has no fear and will get right in the thick of things. He is one of the smallest members of the team, but that doesn't stop him.

You can see him in this picture with his eyes on the ball. He has the lone black helmet and is right in the middle. What is really nice about this picture is that you can see coach daddy off to the side. It was a fun game to watch. It ended up being a tie at 5 all, which was nice. Everybody got to go home happy.

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