Friday, March 19, 2010

Why I Don't Have a Garden

suburban deer
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
There are many reasons why I don't a garden (I'm too busy, I'm too lazy, there aren't any good spots in our yard), but the biggest reason is pictured here on the right.

Yes there are at least 14 deer in my friend's yard at 5:40 in the afternoon. I was coming home from the store when I saw them off to my left. For once I had my camera with me, so I turned left instead of right and eased the van forward to take a picture. By slowing down to a crawl and turning off the radio I was able to take quite a few pictures. The deer were a bit wary of me, but the didn't spook.

The scary part is that this is just one of the herds in my neighborhood. I normally have four or so does loitering in my yard that are part of this larger family grouping. They spend their days ghosting through the neighborhood and only returning tho the state park, just down the street from me, when they are seriously spooked.


Alissa said...

When I lived in Pound Ridge, I had a huge picture window at ground level (my livingroom was half below ground level). I was sitting on the couch (which was against the window) one evening, watching tv (across from teh window), when I noticed a funny reflection in the tv.

I ever so slowly turned around, and standing behind me, with her face up against the window, was a deer. I guess the mmotion on the tv intrigued her and she stood there, watching "over my shoulder" for the next half hour. It was pretty cool. I used to love watching them from that window.

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