Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stupid Spammers

Since Haloscan had the gall, the gall I say, to up and die on me I've had to make decisions.

I could continue on with ECHO powered by JS-Kit (which took over Haloscan), go back to Blogger comments, find some other software, or just chuck the whole commenting idea.

I let it ride for a bit, I wanted to see what ECHO was like and it was the path of least resistance.

And I didn't like it. After the free thirty day trial it was going to cost me $12 a year. Admittedly that is not a whole heck of a lot of money, but I don't want to pay. The blogging thing is a hobby and I already pay for my Flickr account, I don't want to sink any more money into this. Flickr is worth the cost simply because it acts as a back up for my pictures and allows friends and family to see them without the bother of getting reprints or reminding me to drag all my pictures along when we visit. So I stripped out the old Haloscan code and fired up Blogger.

Which has been very interesting.

I got a couple of spammy comments which prompted me to switch over to moderated comments. And hoo-boy, 19 spams and 1 lone legitimate comment (thank you Robbo). This could be problematic. I think I have to tinker a bit more with the settings. I don't want to close comments, but I don't want eleventy billion spams either.

This is going to require a bit more research on my part.


Diane said...

I'm not entirely happy with Echo, but hate the blogger (why did I accidentally type "booger"?) commenting more.

I, too, dearly miss haloscan.

Diane said...

Although, re:blogger, I have to admit I've never received spam comments, at least that I've seen.

I feel left out.

Sarah said...

Believe me, you are not missing anything. It's a combination of skeevy drugs and people.