Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again

Bike saddle that is.

For whatever reason I stopped biking sometime last summer. The definitive moment was while we were on vacation and my slowly disintegrating tires finally gave out. Considering that they were the original tires on a roughly twenty year old bike, I really can't complain. I did get them replaced, but school started and my bike languished in the garage.

Mind you I haven't been a total slug. I have joined up with a couple of other moms in the 'hood and we have been walking together after the bus picks up our respective children. It takes us about half an hour to walk a hilly 1 1/2 mile loop. It is some decent exercise and I'm actually being social. We have started going to movies on Thursdays. It's nice having so mom friends.

And it was all well and good, but lately I've missed my bike. I liked the zooming along in the neighborhood and just pondering about things. The weather has been simply gorgeous lately, perfect weather for biking. So I hauled out my bike and went for a spin.

I wasn't as fast or as bold as I used to be. There is a fair amount of loose sand on the roads from this past winter and I'm a bit leery of it. I don't need another wipe-out like last summer. It hurt like heck on the hills and my tush hasn't quite forgiven me, but I did my old route. Today was a little harder, my bottom was still a bit unhappy and my legs burned a bit more, but I know I'll get better by next week. I really only have myself to blame. When you stop riding regularly you lose your conditioning.

But I'm back in the saddle and having a good time, creaky body and all.

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